Inbound Marketing & Analytics

Measurement Planning

identifies your broad business objectives and key performance indicators for the work we will be doing and translates them into measurable goals.

Implementation Planning

Specifies the code and features needed to track measurement plan data based on the technical platforms behind your website and your analytics tools.


Applying the implementation plan to the live site with a combination of structural, code and back end updates.

Maintenance & Review

Periodic review to ensure your initial measurement and implementation plans remain aligned with your evolving business objectives and technical infrastructure.

Without setting appropriate goals and configuring analytics to measure your website’s performance against them you won’t know whether it is working for you.

Afina can help to define your business objectives and goals together with what needs to be measured and how these measurements are implemented on the website and across your marketing activities and campaigns to meet them.

With the right information at hand we can make appropriate adjustments to improve the performance of your site to meet your goals – whether they are gathering email addresses or improving conversions through your sales funnel.

As the complexity of planning and implementing meaningful analytics will depend on the size of your organisation, the stakeholders involved and your overall objectives, our solutions are bespoke and based on the scale and scope of your requirements.


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