Maintenance, security & optimisation

Maintenance & Monitoring

Regular patching and updates together with 24/7 monitoring ensures your site is accessible.

Security & Scanning

Firewall plus external scanning for hack, brute force attack, malware and reputation protection.

Disaster Recovery

Scheduled off-site backups for rapid restoration and disaster recovery in worst case scenarios.

Performance Optimisation

CDN, page caching, pre-loading and file compression for high performance user and search friendly sites.

Websites need to be properly managed to keep them running smoothly and securely. We can take care of technical and time consuming maintenance for you.

We scan and audit your site on an ongoing basis so that we can identify known, obvious problems or malware and apply fixes before they become more serious issues and your content management system and any themes and plugins are regularly updated to current patch levels to ensure that it is running optimally and securely.

24/7 uptime monitoring alerts you of unscheduled downtime and scheduled offsite backups provide peace of mind and allow us to restore your website rapidly in the event of a catastrophic failure.

We can also analyse your website and install and configure an appropriate caching solution so that your web server doesn’t have to build your pages every time a visitor accesses them. This can speed up your site by up to 30 times and, as Google loves faster websites, can significantly improve your ranking in search results.


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